Leucaena Cutter

As growers of leucaena know, leucaena produces very palatable, nutritious & high protein feed for cattle which can assist in providing weight gains over & above cattle production on purely grass fed diets.  Leucaena stands can be expensive and difficult to establish, however once a stand is established it will remain productive for many years. 

A common problem is that in times of reasonable rainfall, the stand can grow faster than cattle can eat it and the plant becomes so tall it grows out of reach of grazing cattle.  Tall leucaena stands can be inefficient, growing seeds & contributing to undesirable & weedy inter-row leucaena growth and also growing lignin (wood) instead of producing leaf.

The Truecut1000 Leucaena Cutter provides leucaena growers with a cost effective & easy to use implement to keep their stands at a productive height.  Growers can choose when to cut their leucaena and are able to allow cattle to eat the fodder as it is cut. 

The standard Leucaena Cutter attaches to the 3-point linkage of a 60-70 hp tractor and is offset allowing the tractor to travel beside the leacaena row, trimming as it travels.  Power is provided from the PTO which drives a heavy duty sickle type blade that will handle the most overgrown leucaena stands and, once the stand is under control, still be used for the ongoing maintenance of the stands. 

The cutter is designed to last for many years, has minimum moving parts, no computers, and is built to require minimum maintenance.